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New items from the grocery!

Posted on: September 15, 2009

What a productive Monday! Up and at ‘em at 6:30, walking the dog, dropping of Goodwill donations and the infamous Green Smoothie all before 8:30. I even got S to drink almost an entire Nalgene full of smoothie! Then off to get One Birth’s official P.O. Box #. We are in business!

Warm Spinach SaladThings were less busy around 1:00 and I had time to try Nutritious Junk’s Warm Spinach Salad. It was heavenly on a day where the Fall air was sneaking in. Definitely not completely raw, but I’ll let it slide. She calls for only cucumbers, but I put in some of Maine’s finest Paula Red’s, red pepper, cucumber and raisins. The raisins were a really nice balance to it all.
Back to the school books after lunch, but had to stop for a snack around 3:30, mainly because I was so excited to try my Teaccino, which is an herbal coffee replacement that I brewed in the coffee maker. It was so good! Sorry no picture, I’ll get one another day. I reverted back to old ways and wanted a treat with my coffee, plus I just bought a huge bag of Cacao yesterday at Whole Foods. It was burning a whole in my kitchen counter. So, I whipped up a recipe for No-Bake cookies from Gone Raw. Amazing! Cacao is a raw superfood with more anti-oxidants than blueberries. So, they are a perfect pick-me-up to reach for instead of an afternoon coffee. I made my first batch of date syrup in my baby food processor and was really happy with the results.

Ahhh, elementary school bake sales

More reading, then dinner. I was on a search for kelp noodles at the grocery yesterday, but had to settle for Shirataki noodles made out of tofu, even though I am trying to stay away from soy. I topped these noodles with HEAB’s Marinutta, which was awesome and all that flax will definitely have things moving in the morning! Spaghetti is an easy one to make semi-raw and than the way S likes it…straight up with faux meatballs and soy cheese on her broccoli. Tonight I sprinkled nutritional yeast on my broccoli and after the heat “melted” it a bit, it taste just like cheese. Definitely try it…nutritional yeast is an awesome source of protein, amino acids and B-complex vitamins (which is a great stress buster).

The noodles

Dinner outside...not much longer

Whew! Lot’s of cooking today, but lots of good stuff!


3 Responses to "New items from the grocery!"

My goodness, can I please come over and eat at your house?!? Love raisins in my salads, Teeccino, raw cacao, and Marinutta. Seriously, I can be over in like 5 minutes. 😉

I would love to have you over…too bad I’m in Maine! My parent’s are in Knoxville, though. I am so glad you found me (probably since I linked to your Marinutta), but I have been so inspired by you and other blogs and needing a creative outlet, that I thought, I too, would join the blog world and I love it. Thank you for your daily inspiration!

You forgot about my Tofutti Cutie!

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